A scene …

The prisoner enters unwillingly into the room to wash the floor. The jailer is on his mark ignoring the prisoner completely. He leaves his table with a knife on it, by which he has cut his pencil. The prisoner was looking to do something with the knife. Now he has the chance. Skillfully he picks it up. When the jailer returns, he attacks him with the knife. The jailer doesn’t make a mistake to catch him.

Jailer: Leave him.

Warden: Sir?

Jailer: Leave him.

Jailer: Wait outside.

Jailer: What did you want to do?

Prisoner: I was to kill you.

Jailer: Why.

Prisoner: Since the time I have been brought here I have been crying that I want to meet my children. But you don’t listen at all. They are small. I want to meet them. I want to see them.

Jailer: So, would you be able to meet your children by killing me?

Prisoner: May be not. But I would at least avenge my separation.

Jailer: Take this. Take that paper too.

Prisoner: What? I will meet my children, really?

Jailer: Yes.

Prisoner: I was committing a mistake, sir. I was to kill you. What can a born prisoner do after all? Murder, murder and the noose one day. Then freedom.

Warden: Sir, the superintendent is calling you.

Jailer: Okay, I will come right now.

Jailer: Warden, take him to work and listen don’t report what he did here.

Warden: But sir.

Jailer: Take him.


Do Ankhen Barah Haath


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